My Favorite Game Design Books

Published June 3, 2023

Game Design: Theory & Practice by Richard Rouse

Full disclosure: I work with Richard at FarBridge

Art of Game Design by Jesse Schell 

Game Design Workshop by Tracy Fullerton 

Envisioning Information by Edward Tufte 

Not about games, but most of his books about design + information are great

Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman 

Not about games, but one of the best books on "design" in general

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud 

Not about games, but an amazing deep dive on a visual medium, applicable to all design disciplines

Cross Media Communications by Drew Davidson 

Another disclosure: I have an essay in this book. Also, the whole thing is available for free online! 

Making Games for Fun and Profit by me 

Sorry to be the professor who assigns his own writing to the class. Here’s a short essay I wrote about game design.

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